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"Life Is Sweet."

That, in any case, is the opinion of a character from the funny pages of the newspaper. Lizzy, my eighteen year-old daughter, clipped the panel and taped it to an index card for me last July. "Dad, this made me think of you," she wrote.

But that was before the murder, and it was before my wife, Tina, suggested I find an apartment nearby where I could live while she stayed home with our son Barnaby, using the time and space of my absence to "figure some things out." And it was before I discovered that the very incarnation of evil and misery had burrowed its way right into the heart of my job and family... (from Chapter 1)

A killing in the family...

Someone close to Nick Davis is murdered. Investigators see it as either a case of mistaken identity or the work of a jealous fiancé. As a Federal prosecutor, Nick tries shepherding the case to a swift conclusion, but it keeps slipping away.

While Nick focuses on this investigation, his marriage is teetering and his wife Tina—also a lawyer—works to vindicate a young man convicted of killing a child eight years previously.

Old DNA evidence is uncovered in the child-killing case, its analysis hurls Nick's universe into upheaval—his most basic assumptions about his life, the law, and the very science of genetic identification are thrown into question.

With time running out, Nick struggles to find the answers that will put his world back into some kind of order and that will keep his loved ones safe.

Injustice is a riveting legal mystery and courtroom drama with a plot that inhabits the blurry boundary between guilt and innocence.

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"Goodman does a fine job of setting up readers' expectations only to confound them, and he populates the story line with fully developed personalities."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Alaskan's stellar murder mystery is a thoughtful page-turner...Both [of Goodman's books] follow in the tradition of Scott Turow’s acclaimed “Presumed Innocent” and are worthy of the comparison. Beyond the fact that Goodman, like Turow, is a lawyer-writer (or writer-lawyer) and writes from an insider’s understanding of the legal landscape, Goodman has created a hybrid work that spans the divisions between literary and genre fiction. Indefensible and Injustice, while extremely well-plotted as murder mysteries, are also character-driven inquiries into important cultural questions. The prose does much more than tell a great story; it sings... With his two books, Alaskan Lee Goodman has established himself as a writer of national consequence, deserving of a wide readership."
   —Alaska Dispatch News (read the full article)

Atria/Emily Bestler Books, hardcover, September 2015, ISBN: 9781476728032