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I don't honestly expect to find a body. Someone has to go look, though, and on a day like this—the first Friday in June with the memory of cold winter lost beneath the trilling surface of summer—volunteers abound. Carpe diem; I have been offered an excuse to spend a couple of hours in sunshiny woods... (from Chapter 1)

It's springtime and the woods are alive with the sounds of birdsong...and something else.

Cassandra Randall is birdwatching near the reservoir when she encounters two men digging what she assumes to be a grave. She speeds back into town and alerts the authorities. Federal prosecutor Nick Davis is skeptical, but he tags along with the cops who go to investigate.

When it turns out there really is a body, Nick gets drawn into a case that will shake his ethics and his family life to their core.

What Cassandra has uncovered is just the first in a series of crimes that will expand to implicate small-time drug dealers, petty thieves turned murderers, domestic abuse perpetrators, child pornographers, ... and a criminal who is closer to Davis than he ever imagined.

Indefensible is a taut legal thriller with an unforgettable cast of characters. But it is also a family drama, and a stunning portrayal of the ties that bind the innocent to the guilty—and the lengths we're willing to go to protect the ones we love.

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   —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Lee Goodman's Indefensible is the very essence of what the crime thriller is all about. Complex and intelligent, fantastically well-plotted, stylishly written, and populated with real, flawed, beautifully rendered characters, Indefensible is most of all an intensely and immensely human story of love, betrayal, friendship, duty, and family. Unputdownable, powerful, heart-wrenching, completely satisfying, Indefensible is as good as it gets."
   —John Lescroart, New York Times bestselling author

"Lee Goodman has created characters we care about deeply; when he puts them through the wringer, we feel their pain. Add to this a compelling insider's look at prosecution and law enforcement, language that sings, a stunning series of plot twists, and the result may well prove to be the outstanding debut novel of the year."
   —William Kent Krueger, New York Times bestselling author

"Even the most avid suspense reader will find themselves changing their mind between who is innocent and who is guilty, which means you definitely know this book is top-notch!"
   —Suspense Magazine

Atria/Emily Bestler Books, hardcover, June 2014, ISBN: 978-1476728001